Copy of Jurats for Documents with Birthdates and Age -3 Hour Course

A notary public cannot certify copies of vital records, such as birth, marriage or death certificates. However, a notary public can administer an oath or affirmation and give a jurat for an affidavit that states the birthdate or age of the affiant, and/or includes a photograph of the affiant and/or fingerprints or thumbprints of the affiant. In effect, a signer can certify their own vital information by swearing to the contents of a document containing that information.

If the notary public gives a jurat for a document that includes the signer’s birthdate or age and a photograph or their finger or thumb print, the notary public must require the signer to verify their birthdate or age by showing a certified copy of the signer’s birth certificate or an identification card or driver’s license issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. (California Government Code section 8230.)


Paul Jones and his children formed a small family company to distribute the products they made at home. On July 1, 2016, Paul wanted to get a bank loan, so he went to Nancy Notary who was located in Monterey County. Paul brought a copy of a family document that showed Paul’s age and a thumbprint. This document would be part of Paul’s loan application. Nancy administered the oath or affirmation to Paul and examined a photocopy of Paul’s birth certificate. Nancy could not complete the jurat, though, until Paul returned on August 3, 2016 with a certified copy of the birth certificate. Nancy re-administered the oath or affirmation and completed the jurat. Nancy also entered Paul’s information in her sequential journal, including the fact that Paul presented Nancy with a certified copy of Paul’s birth certificate for review.