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3 Hour State Approved Course By State Of California- For Renewing Commissions

If your California Notary Public commission is approaching expiration, it is advisable to consider the 6 hour training course for renewal. Opting for the 3 hour course may lead to challenges, as the state’s exam is offered once a month in many counties and only once every six months in some. If you initially choose the 3 hour class but run out of time, we gladly offer a free transition to the six-hour course within your paid access period. However, restarting is necessary due to additional content and time-tracking requirements.

To avoid any breaks between notary public terms, the state recommends taking the California Notary Public exam at least six months before your current commission expires. Meeting all application requirements ensures the issuance of the new commission 30 days prior to the expiration date.

Given these considerations, it is strongly recommended to opt for the 6 hour course if your commission is expiring in less than six months.

Course Content

Section 2 : Commission
Section 3 : Managing a Commission
Section 4: Notarial Acts and Procedures
Section 5 : Notary Public Acts (Types and How to Perform)
Section 6 : Jurats
Section 7 : Proof of Execution by a Subscribing Witness
Section 8 : Signature by Mark
Section 9 : Certifying Copies
Section 10 : Immigration-Protests–Depositions & Confidential Marriages
Section 11: Fees
Section 12: Misconduct by Notaries Public or Others Relating to Notarial Acts
Section 13 : Civil Penalties
Section 14: Felonies or Possible Felonies
Section 15: Misdemeanors or Possible Misdemeanors
Section 16: Infractions by Notaries Public
Final Submission : Course Completion Certificate